You did a great job-really really great. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thanks so much! I won’t forget what you did in those 36 hours. It’s amazing- the flight, the hotel, the restaurants-everything...
— Isaac S
None of it could have happened without them. They were in the shadows the entire time, making sure everything that we planned in the 9 AM meeting every other Sunday went perfectly, and ensuring that my family and I didn’t have to worry at all.
— Sarah T
We had an amazing trip! Everything about it was perfect. The country has so much to offer on every level. Our guide and driver were incredible. They were knowledgeable, warm, patient and they couldn’t do enough for us. All three places we stayed at were beautiful, and the service couldn’t be better...perfect finish to end at La Sultana.

Thanks again for everything that you’ve done. We don’t take for granted how much of your contribution helped us enjoy one of our most enjoyable trips, if not the most enjoyable.
— Michael S
It has been an absolute pleasure this far working with them. Quick responses, whenever it is more than a day, it is always with an apology. Answers are thorough and thought out. I am very happy we were introduced.
— Yaakov P.
Our trip was magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything worked out perfectly. Our family will never forget it. You did a great job for us. Much appreciated.
— Arthur D.
Honestly everything on your side was absolutely perfect!  The hotel was fab, guide was fab, breakfast was great too.
Thanks for giving us the best first experience for my kids!!!!
— CS